Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 The Year Of The Hyena

Eminem's influence over the arts is spreading into books and I LOVE BOOKS! So when I found out one of my favorite Shade45 on-air truth speakers was writing a book I damn near lost my mutherfucking mind.

Rude Jude is an author. A crazy, original, comet of a writer.  I didn't know this man was keeping a blog–which I just started reading last night, because his book was so fucking good that now I am hooked like a crack-whore on his brazen sentence structures and bare back, soul fucking fearlessness as a storyteller and earth traveller in general, SO I am glad I have his blog to explore so I can get a fix of his beautiful madness and lust for life. I can suck his words like a greedy baby vampire and get drunk on his genius.

When I woke up this morning all I could think was what a great movie Hyena would be for Shady Films to make! In the tradition of 8 Mile, a film about another artist from Detroit, showing his hard scrabble rise to becoming a world class author, which he will be when the millions of people who love fearless writers start catching on to what the fuck is happening in this man's mind, and thankfully coming out of his mouth and hands.

A Hyena film would be such a great way to celebrate the love of authors, books, reading and writing (prose) into the street culture. Books have been abandoned for too long in the street.

And because my hero, Eminem, the Rap God, gave Rude Jude a shout out, and a place on Sirius, I get to discover and enjoy this wonderful writer. So thank you, to you my God, Eminem for lighting the flame of artistic revolution around you. Eminem's men and women on Sirius are like messengers from the Brightest Star in the Universe. A Hyena movie would be a masterpiece, a tribute to the wild ones who ride their words out of the shadows to soar into bright beautiful, futures and enjoy happy endings.

The end.

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