Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love Game

Favorite MMLP2 lyrics so far...

OK still can't decide.
Too many brilliant,
bits of beautiful,
poetic outbursts
of omnipotent oratory
to choose from.

in the top ten,
possibly even my number one favorite bit of MMLP2 lyrics,
but CERTAINLY in the top ten
for sure
of my favorite MMLP2 lyrics,
has to be:

Man what the fuck is the matter,
I'm just a fucking romantic
I fucking love you,

you fucking bitch


Anyway, had to make some "emergency", last minute, fake street art this morning for a TV show.
So I let Eminem's new album play in the background.
This is some of what came out of my tune-twisted, time-crunched soul.

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