Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Team Kim

Just saw this and it made me so happy!

Kim went through so much shit too in her life and it is really not easy being a woman in this fucked up, violent, sexist world.

Being with an artist is never easy and some people may disagree but I think Eminem is a feminist and so is Kim and that is why they had such heated battles.

Eminem believes women are strong enough to hear his truth.
Kim believes a woman should never be disrespected.
Both are right, but both cannot be right all the time without him hurting her and her censoring him.

The steely strength they both have is strong enough to keep them together forever and if that is what they both want I really hope it happens.

You know what they say, "Third time's a charm!"


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love Game

Favorite MMLP2 lyrics so far...

OK still can't decide.
Too many brilliant,
bits of beautiful,
poetic outbursts
of omnipotent oratory
to choose from.

in the top ten,
possibly even my number one favorite bit of MMLP2 lyrics,
but CERTAINLY in the top ten
for sure
of my favorite MMLP2 lyrics,
has to be:

Man what the fuck is the matter,
I'm just a fucking romantic
I fucking love you,

you fucking bitch


Anyway, had to make some "emergency", last minute, fake street art this morning for a TV show.
So I let Eminem's new album play in the background.
This is some of what came out of my tune-twisted, time-crunched soul.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MMLP2 Is The Flame Of Love

Eminem's new album is
a revelation,
true salvation, 
the vaccine for stagnation,
and soul food for inspiration.

"There's a beautiful kind of pain
Setting fire to yesterday
Find the light,

find the light,
find the light."
 - Beautiful Pain, Eminem

Thank you, Marshall Mathers for protecting and projecting your beautiful, brave spirit into this dark world. I am comforted by the warmth of your creative passion.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Experiencing Joy In The Temple Of My God

Went to see Eminem at Sirius Studios yesterday for his Town Hall session with a small group of his fans thanks to ComedyDaddy. I watched him from behind the glass speaking from his heart, with humble sincerity and quick wit, to other worshippers of the master lyricist. When I was getting on the subway afterwards I almost lost my shoe, just like Cinderella. Of course in the real world I had to run back and get my own shoe. But still, I am still in a daze.  I can't believe it happened. It feels like a dream.

Listening to MMLP2 on a loop. 

It is the soundtrack for my current bliss.

Friday, November 1, 2013

MMLP2 Gives Me Wings

Every song Eminem has released so far is amazing and inspiring.
Living for the day when I get to experience the whole CD.