Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's a storm coming the weatherman couldn't predict!

Just checked my mail and my Shady Records swearthshirt came, just in time for the Frankenstorm. I found it in the mailbox on my way out to the store so I put it on right away and when I got to the supermarket "Lose Yourself" was playing over the radio speakers!

Then some Christina Agulaira song came on and it made me laugh out loud remembering the drawings of  Pristina Gagulaira on the Slim Shady Show.

These two leaves are from the same tree. It's a strange tree that grew up in the corner of the backyard. I think it was a weed that just said, "fuck this I am going to become a tree." it's like 12 feet tall and the leaves are gorgeous reds now, but it's so weird that it has two totally different shaped leaves throughout the tree. I don't know any other tree like that... It's my only tree. Maybe it's trying to be two trees at once so it doesn't get lonley. 

I am so corny!

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