Saturday, October 20, 2012

October, that old faker, coloring its leaves in deceptive gaiety...

For those of us born in October: You are philosopher and great teacher; likewise, you will travel far in search of the truth. The truth you are aiming for is right above your heads in the stars. 

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by Detroit Poet Laureate Naomi Long Madgett

June is forever and forever returning.
Howling headlines will not prevent it.
Statistics cannot deny that which will be.

In my springtime heart I know that earth
will have its way. October, that old faker,
coloring its leaves in deceptive gaiety,

all the time meaning brittleness and brown
death, doesn’t fool me. December’s
snowflakes and gossamer enticements, hiding

sludge and dirt under the wings of Christmas
angels, can’t forever deceive. I know
what I know. There is something in the nature

of things that is assuring, that tells me the people
emerging from their dark lives to front porches
and sunlight when the warm days come

know the secret the universe sometimes tries
to conceal. Life forever rejuvenates
itself. Whatever else happens, life lives.

From Connected Islands: New and Selected Poems

Picture taken in my back yard where I grew my first garden ever this year.

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