Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Red Sonja's In The House!

You can be a permanent fixture
in my lyrical mixture
I'm the miracle whip, a trickster
My signature sound
when the tube of lipsticks surround...
- Eminem

Been working on Bathroom Girls, trying to get the lipstick revolution television ready,...while looking for some old drawings, I found some hilarious Red Sonja drawings I did when I was YOUNG (I still get carded, thank you.). My story was the origin of Red Sonja's steel bikini.

In my version, Red Sonja gets offered a high paying job as a bodyguard in a brothel.

The steel bikini was the uniform the brothel guards had to wear, if they wanted to get paid in gold.

Red Sonja was only at work for one minute before she fucked up one of the customers.

I cut you like Dahmer,
pull a butcher knife on ya
The size of a sword, boy,
I'm like the fuckin' Red Sonja
Get it stuck in your cornea,
nice knowin' ya Norman
You're so fuckin' annoyin',
drop the shovel, boy.
- Eminem

OK here is when I fucking get geeky: I'm willing to bet that the Red Sonja reference in Bagpipes From Baghdad is based on Red Sonja issue #1 and 2 (series 2), because I remember she took a guy's eye out in issue one and in ish 2 he was hunting her and he found her at Lady Feema's castle after she killed Lady Feema who was a big fucking, evil, arrogant, slut anyway.

Red Sonja Issue 2 was the first comic book I ever read (besides Mad Magazine), Nestor Redondo did the pencils in issue 2 and he was great and totally underutilized at Marvel. That comic book shaped my crazy ass and helped me psychologically survive my childhood, which was filled with violence and neglect.

Red Sonja was/is my favorite, fucking comic book character of all time!!!!!! I am going to scan all the drawings I still have and put them here, eventually. I wish I had the shit I drew when I was reading the comics for the first time.

In this drawing I covered Sonja up a bit (costume based on the series 2 costume) and I put her on a boat to kick ass.

I'm like the fuckin' Red Sonja!

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