Friday, November 19, 2010

Eminem Is Always On My Mind Grapes

Made some paper art
for a FADER MAGAZINE / NEW ERA charity event
and I wore my Shady hat to celebrate!

The hat I made for FADER / New Era is a Magical Thinking Cap that cures Writers' Block.
I was listening to Recovery on a loop while I made it. The idea to make a cure for writers' block was inspired by Eminem's struggle with it two years ago. He talks about it in his new song Talking 2 Myself.
"Fallin' asleep with writers' block in the parking lot of McDonald's, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself you do something about it."

Thanks Eminem!
I am learning from the master how to be a soldier!

"You told me to get up
I got up
I spread my wings and I flew."
- Eminem, You're Never Over