Thursday, August 19, 2010

Like a soldier.

This is my new favorite picture of Eminem. It is such a beautiful, moving image.
MM You are my hero and I love you! Listening to You're Never Over right now.
YOU grant me the strength that I need to get through so many tough moments in life. So I am going to make a comic book love letter to you Marshall Mathers. I started it ten years ago but I stopped working on it. After hearing Spacebound I realize I have to finish it because Spacebound is what the comic book is all about!...Maybe I will post the panels here as they develop...

In other homemade medicine news from mi casa:

Didn't get into the New York Television Festival. Some of the shit that got in is so terrible that I know it's political. There is another show that got into the festival called Asylum. It debuted at Comic Con with a shit load of money's worth of production values and it still looked retarded. It's basically the opposite of ALL IS WELL. If our show got in it would have been a direct parody of that show and that show is obviously connected to the festival...No problem. I am not going to let my little show die.
PS I wrote the music...I wonder what MM would think of it...

"i'll never fall or fold up, I'm a soldier, "
- Eminem