Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recovery with EMINEM and Dr. Rivera!!!!

Life is good but I have some shit on my mind.......Listening to Eminem's new album RECOVERY and it is much needed MEDICINE!

Speaking of RECOVERY I have been making a TV pilot for the NY Television Festival as part of my personal therapy so I don't fucking lose it. So I was really busy and totally out of the music news loop. Was animating my show's credits the other day when I heard an interview on NPR with Marshall Mathers and I heard that his new album was called RECOVERY. It blew my mind. I am making my show as part of my RECOVERY and now I have a soundtrack to work to as I move forward and gear up for the festival. My show is about a psychiatrist's office. My character wants to heal the world of all their mental issues - except the bitch is NUTS!

Thank You Marshall Mathers for being the SEXY MEDICINE MAN that keeps my dreams fueled with your artistic fire! You have kept me alive and I am going to work so hard to prove that your creative and professional influence over me is a beautiful, positive force of nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like your example is keeping me on a path that will make my art useful and meaningful and uplifting for hard working people and that means so much to me.

Much LOVE to you MM!
Thank you!

In solidarity in perpetuity,