Monday, December 20, 2010

Eminem on SNL

Saw the show live at Rockefeller Center from a seat in the second row up in the balcony right next to the stage!!!!!

Seeing Eminem walk out toward the stage from right underneath my seat was HOT!!!!!

He looked gorgeous and healthy and happy considering that he doesn't really smile. The performances were amazing. It was hard for me to concentrate on Lil' Wayne's solo performance because I was busy staring at Eminem who was standing right below my spot on the balcony watching Weezy!!!!

Met the band after the show, nice guys, but didn't get to meet the glorious, inspirational, brilliant, powerful, Mr. Mathers so that dream is delayed for now.

My favorite non-performance moments:

At the end of the show when the cast and musical guest come out. It was snowing fake snow and Eminem held his face up and his open hands up toward the snow like a little boy would if it was really suddenly snowing. It was such a beautiful moment! The light was shining down on him and he seemed so happy to be alive!

Then as they all walked off the stage Kristen Wigg hugged him and even though I wished I could hug him too (dammit!) I was so happy to see him getting shown all the love.

Amazing show. I am so glad I was there!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


It's about 10 AM and I have to be there at about 10 PM so I need to start getting ready now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Just found out today that I will be there, in the audience!!!!

In the same room as Marshall Mathers.

Throw dirt on me and grow a wild flower!

I'm alive again!

"It’s an adrenaline rush to feel the bass thump
In the place all the way to the parking lot, fellow
Set fire to the mic and ignite the crowd
You can see the sparks from hot metal"

- Eminem, No Love

Friday, December 3, 2010


Go Baby Go!

Who can catch lightning in the bottle,
Set fire to water,
Commin out the nozzle on the fire hose,
Flyer than swatters.

Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man.

Smash an hour glass,
Grab the sand,
Take his hands an cuff em,
Spin around to freeze the clock,
Take the hands of time an cuff em.

Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man. Cinderella Man.

Theres a storm commin that the weather man couldn't predict,


Friday, November 19, 2010

Eminem Is Always On My Mind Grapes

Made some paper art
for a FADER MAGAZINE / NEW ERA charity event
and I wore my Shady hat to celebrate!

The hat I made for FADER / New Era is a Magical Thinking Cap that cures Writers' Block.
I was listening to Recovery on a loop while I made it. The idea to make a cure for writers' block was inspired by Eminem's struggle with it two years ago. He talks about it in his new song Talking 2 Myself.
"Fallin' asleep with writers' block in the parking lot of McDonald's, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself you do something about it."

Thanks Eminem!
I am learning from the master how to be a soldier!

"You told me to get up
I got up
I spread my wings and I flew."
- Eminem, You're Never Over

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Like a soldier.

This is my new favorite picture of Eminem. It is such a beautiful, moving image.
MM You are my hero and I love you! Listening to You're Never Over right now.
YOU grant me the strength that I need to get through so many tough moments in life. So I am going to make a comic book love letter to you Marshall Mathers. I started it ten years ago but I stopped working on it. After hearing Spacebound I realize I have to finish it because Spacebound is what the comic book is all about!...Maybe I will post the panels here as they develop...

In other homemade medicine news from mi casa:

Didn't get into the New York Television Festival. Some of the shit that got in is so terrible that I know it's political. There is another show that got into the festival called Asylum. It debuted at Comic Con with a shit load of money's worth of production values and it still looked retarded. It's basically the opposite of ALL IS WELL. If our show got in it would have been a direct parody of that show and that show is obviously connected to the festival...No problem. I am not going to let my little show die.
PS I wrote the music...I wonder what MM would think of it...

"i'll never fall or fold up, I'm a soldier, "
- Eminem

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recovery with EMINEM and Dr. Rivera!!!!

Life is good but I have some shit on my mind.......Listening to Eminem's new album RECOVERY and it is much needed MEDICINE!

Speaking of RECOVERY I have been making a TV pilot for the NY Television Festival as part of my personal therapy so I don't fucking lose it. So I was really busy and totally out of the music news loop. Was animating my show's credits the other day when I heard an interview on NPR with Marshall Mathers and I heard that his new album was called RECOVERY. It blew my mind. I am making my show as part of my RECOVERY and now I have a soundtrack to work to as I move forward and gear up for the festival. My show is about a psychiatrist's office. My character wants to heal the world of all their mental issues - except the bitch is NUTS!

Thank You Marshall Mathers for being the SEXY MEDICINE MAN that keeps my dreams fueled with your artistic fire! You have kept me alive and I am going to work so hard to prove that your creative and professional influence over me is a beautiful, positive force of nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like your example is keeping me on a path that will make my art useful and meaningful and uplifting for hard working people and that means so much to me.

Much LOVE to you MM!
Thank you!

In solidarity in perpetuity,