Saturday, April 26, 2008

Eminem is NOT a Dick.

The more we became enveloped we just developed a fellowship through it
It's no pretend shit, it's friendship, me nemesis is your nemesis
Ain't for him, it's just media, see to them it's just images
But this shit is no gimmicks, this is blood in and blood out
When there's beef you jus' gotta know when to butt in and butt out
If there's a problem we solve it, if we don't resolve it
It usually just evolves into one big brawl and we all get involved in it
We should all get a merit, this much beef we inherit
And wear it like a badge with honor, pass it around and share it
And let it go to whoever's holdin the most current people on their shoulders
And their soldiers got their backs til it's over.

- Eminem, You Don't Know

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