Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lose Yourself! ~ How Eminem Helped Me Lose My Fat Ass

When I was working for the Dave Chappelle show, I was a size 12. (I'm only 5 ft. tall) One day I heard Eminem was going to be on set. I was SO EXCITED until I remembered I was a BIG FAT-ASS. My heart broke.

So, I never went to set that day. I didn't want to meet Eminem when I felt fat and ugly. It's sad how being overweight makes us feel so badly about ourselves that we don't do the things we have dreamed a lifetime of doing! I decided that I had to lose weight ASAP. If my life was going to be any fun I needed some fucking self-esteem AND If my life was gonna bring me near my hero Marshall Mathers ever again I wanted to look hot!!

Maybe the way he saved me from being a sad fat ass
can save him from being a sad fat ass.

Below, The Founder of Potlates getting ready to work out:

Working out to Eminem put me back in a size 2!
Thanks Marshall! Thanks Dr. Dre!

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